West Gardiner Rod & Gun Club, 297 Collins Mills Road, West Gardiner, ME 04345






  • Promoting interest in fish and wildlife conservation so as to ensure future hunting and fishing.
  • Keeping informed about game management and wildlife conservation      practices in our area.
  • Opposing action or practices against our best interest.
  • Providing facilities for the younger generation to develop their interest in hunting and fishing, and to teach them safety both afield and on the water.


Section 1: Definition of Membership

A regular member is a voting member of the club. He/she has met the requirements and followed the admission process specified below. Membership also includes spouses/partners.

Section 2: Requirements for Membership

  • Age: 18 yrs or older
  • Legal Status: Convicted felons will not be considered formembership. Any additional documentation required to establish status will be at the expense of the applicant
  • Sponsorship: Each applicant must be sponsored by a member in good      standing.
  • BOD Approval: The application must have the approval of at least      3 directors. In the event there are only 2 directors present, the president may act in the capacity of the third.

Section 3: Voting Rights

Members and their spouse/partner as stated on the application each have one vote in conducting club business.

Any change in spouse/partner (except death) must be stated on yearly renewal form.

Section 4: Dues

  • Dues and application fees are reviewed yearly at the Annual Meeting (see below)
  • Dues are due annually by April 1st.
  • New member dues and fees are due with the application and cover the time between admission to the club and the following April 1st.  Any new membership effective after January 1st shall be considered paid until April 1st of the following year.
  • Any member who is delinquent two years dues shall forfeit all club membership rights, shares and all other privileges commencing thirty (30) days after final billing is sent and continuing until a regular application is submitted and voted upon, as stipulated in Section 3 above.


Section 1: Schedule:

  • Regular Meetings will be held the first Thursday of each month.
  • Annual Meeting:     The December meeting will be the annual meeting in addition to the normal business at hand, officers are elected and the Annual Treasurer’s Report is submitted. Plans for the upcoming year are also discussed.
  • Special Meetings:    Special meetings may be called by the President as necessary.
  • Committee Meetings:     Committee meetings will be held as necessary.
  • Any change to the above will be communicated to the general      membership via email, Facebook and the club website if possible.

Section 2: Participation: 

  • Meetings may be attended by members, new member applicants and      invited guests only.   The Annual Meeting is open to members only.


All charter members and their spouses shall have one share each, in the Corporation, which will be non-negotiable and non-transferable, as long as their membership is current. Any member who forfeits his/her regular membership also forfeits his/her Charter Membership.

  • A vote of at least two-thirds (2/3) of the Charter Members present will be required to sell, or dispose of any part of the corporate holdings, including consideration of additional Charter Members. All Charter Members will be notified by written notice at least ten days prior to meetings requiring a Charter Members vote.
  • Club members in good standing of at least five consecutive years shall be eligible for consideration as Charter Members. New Charter Membership must be ratified by a two-thirds vote of Charter Membership present.   A Charter Member meeting is required for acceptance of new charter members.
  • Any club member shall not be eligible for Charter Membership until the Charter Members do so elect to install any additional Charter Members.
  • Charter Members who habitually fail to acknowledge Charter Member      meetings after notification of said meetings may be removed by a two-      thirds vote of the Charter Members present, after he/she has been issued a      written statement by the Charter Members, stating at which meeting this      action will be acted upon.
  • The Charter Members shall elect a chairman and co-chairman annually to coordinate Charter Membership responsibilities.
  • Charter Members shall not be amended or altered by the Board of      Directors or by the club majority vote until an approval is granted by the      Charter Members. This approval shall require a two-thirds vote of Charter      Members present after all Charter Members have been notified by written      notice at least thirty days prior to the vote of proposed amended changes.


There will be a Board of Directors consisting of five members of the club. Directors will serve three year staggered terms. Directors’ terms are in effect now and vacancies will be filled at the Annual Meeting by election, or at a special election to fill an unexpected vacancy. Any member of the Board of Directors who misses two consecutive Board meetings without a legitimate excuse may be replaced by an alternate.

Section 1- Duties of Directors:

  • The Board of Directors will meet at such times as may be necessary.
  • They shall set a program for regular meetings, recommend and vote on business for club programs.
  • There must be at least three Board Members present to constitute an official meeting.
  • Acceptance of any motion will be by majority vote, unless otherwise dictated by the by-laws.


Section 1: Executive Board Positions:

The Executive Board, which is comprised of the elected officers and Board of Directors, shall be the managing authority of the club.

Any major change to the facilities or operations of the club, not requiring Charter Member approval, must be approved by a two thirds majority of the executive board.  Any changes which could be considered contrary to the club’s stated purpose cannot be considered.

The elected officers are as follows. President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Membership Coordinator ,Sergeant at Arms, Facilities Manager and 5 directors.

Section 2: Officer Duties:


Preside over and direct meetings, enforce rules, and perform duties prescribed, sign club documents and appoint committees

Vice President:

The Vice-President will serve as President in his/her absence and assist him/her as necessary.


Keep minutes of all meetings, send out annual newsletter, issue notice of special meetings. In the absence of the Secretary, a Club Member appointed by the President will perform duties of the Secretary.


The Treasurer shall be custodian of the Clubs monetary assets, accept and deposit money, issue receipts, and make payments of money as directed a majority vote of members at a club meeting.  In case of emergency the President has the authority to authorize payments up to $500.00. Emergency payments over $1,000 will require a majority vote of the Executive Board.  The Treasurer shall also have available at each meeting a financial report for the club as directed.

The Treasurer shall pay from available funds any expenditure approved by the  Executive Board or a majority vote of members at a club meeting.

Routine expenditures, such as heat, power, insurance and taxes do not need pre-approval.

Membership Coordinator:

The Membership Coordinator will manage the membership applications and approval processes for new perspective members, and record keeping for all new and existing membership. The Membership Coordinator is responsible for collecting the new member applications and presenting them to the rank and file for consideration.

Sergeant at Arms:

The Sergeant at Arms will preserve order at the meetings and the clubhouse and verify credentials.

Facilities Manager:

Ensure that all fire and safety requirements are current and up to date.  Ensure that the facilities are maintained in a state of cleanliness and good repair.  Ensure that bathroom, kitchen and general cleaning materials are available.  Act as primary contact for all facilities matters.  Manage the club rentals.  The facilities manager will receive a stipend as described in the appropriate standard operating procedure (SOP).

Section 3: Election of Officers:

  • At the first meeting in November, the President will appoint a three-member committee to present candidates for election the following month.
  • At the Annual Meeting in December, Officers/Directors will be elected by a closed ballot. Three members will be picked at the meeting to count the ballots and announce the results.
  • Officers/Directors will be elected by a majority vote.
  • Any officer/director who misses four consecutive club meetings without a legitimate excuse will be notified that he/she may be removed by a majority vote of club members present at their next regularly scheduled meeting.

Section 4: Terms of Office:

Officers will hold office for one year beginning the first day of January of the year following the election.


  • By-laws may be amended by two-thirds vote of the Board of Directors and submitted for ratification by a two-thirds vote of members present at the next Business Meeting.
  • A member who has a proposal for an amendment will submit it, in writing, to the Secretary or a Board Member, and state at which meeting he/she wishes to have it discussed.
  • Any amendment, which conflicts with our Clubs purpose, cannot be      considered.
  • Amendments will be voted upon at the Board of Directors meeting      immediately following the regular meeting it was discussed at, and if      approved by the Board of Directors, the amendment shall be ratified by a      vote of two- thirds of the members present at the next Business Meeting.

ARTICLE IX: Exceptions/Omissions

Any other issues/policies not covered by the above articles will be covered by Robert’s Rules of Order. In case of conflict, the club bylaws will supersede.

Other activities and procedures shall be defined in “Standard Operating Procedures”.

Adopted January 1963     Revised April 20, 2017 

Original signed by Scott Farnum, President on April 22, 2017     

Revised 4/20/2018            Ratified 5/032018                                                            

Revised 10/17/2019          Ratified 11/07/2019