West Gardiner Rod & Gun Club, 297 Collins Mills Road, West Gardiner, ME 04345

Upcoming events will be displayed on the calendar page. 


On  this page you will find news and announcements of special and general interest.  



Meeting Schedule on Hold

Due to the coronavirus threat, club meetings are impacted.   For the foreseeable future, our meetings will conducted via Zoom.   Members will receive email notices.

New Range Rule

Due to a recent incident (fire) at the range, incendiary-type tracer rounds can no longer be allowed.  This prohibition does not, necessarily, extend to non-incendiary tracer rounds.

I D Cards / Badges

ID cards are now required to be displayed while using the range.  Neck lanyards have been distributed to active members and some are available on the wall at the range.  Also, clip-type badge/card holders work well.


RANGE ETIQUETTE:  Please pick up and remove your casings and all other trash. The range is for members and guests. The member must be present with the guest.  The club’s insurance cost for the range is a hefty portion of our $3,000 a year premium.  Range rules are posted at the shooting line.  In general, stay safe by observing the four basic NRA Safety Rules  posted at the range (you remember what they are, right?).