We are saddened by the recent passing of long-time friend and club member Fred Van Orman.  He will be greatly missed.

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January 2018              NEWSLETTER

2018 Range Update

During 2017, with generous grants from the NRA Foundation and Maine Inland Fisheries and Wildlife, as well as a generous land donation by Mert Hickey, much was accomplished relative to shooting range improvements.  The range area itself was graded level, a 20 foot end berm was constructed and 8 foot concrete side and end walls were constructed, as well as a secure entry fence.  We also poured a 12 foot by 42 foot concrete pad.  In the spring we plan to construct a shooting structure with sound abatement insulating material and both rifle and pistol shooting stations.  There have also been discussions relative to using the remaining range area outside the range itself for an outdoor archery range.   We still have much work to do in order to have a parking area which does not turn into a muddy mess in the spring or wet weather.  We’ll be looking for volunteers in the spring to help finish this important range work.

RANGE ETIQUETTE : Please place your targets so rounds go into the sand and please pick up and remove your casings and all other trash. The range is for members and guests. The member must be present with the guest.  Insurance for the range for members and accompanying guests is a hefty portion of our $3,000 a year premium.  Range rules will be posted in the spring.  In general, stay safe by observing the four basic NRA Safety Rules.

PUBLIC SUPPER: There will only be one public supper this year which is scheduled for April 7 – a  traditional bean and casserole supper at the clubhouse from 4:30 to 6:00PM

We’re always looking for volunteers to help. If you can help, please call Ann Crocker at 724-3784. The supper committee will start making phone calls to solicit food and supplies for the public supper. If you would rather give a money donation and not be called, I have added a line to the dues notice.  If the donation is received by April 1st, you will not be called. We still need food donations from  members who bake wonderful pies.


President, Scott Farnham; Vice President,Vicki Dill; Secretary, Nancy Weeks; Treasurer, Paul Okerholm; Sergeant-at-Arms, Scott Treworgy

Board of Directors –

John Smith and Paul Okerholm . . . . . . . .      Through 12/2019                                                     Fred Van Orman and George Decker  . . .       Through 12/2018                                             Nyle Perkins . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .       Through 12/2020

HALL USE: Ann Crocker handles the calendar for all hall use and she should be contacted for availability before any activities are planned.  During January, February and March, the hall will be reserved for archery and will only be rented on a very limited basis. Ann can be reached  at 724-3784

HUNTER SAFETY CLASS:  Archery, firearm and crossbow safety classes will be offered again this year.

The firearm safety class is Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday Sept 18-20th, 6:30-8:45PM and Saturday Sept. 22nd  9-4.  Cost is $15, which includes light snacks and lunch on Saturday.

The archery safety class is Thursday September 20th  6:30-8:45PM, Saturday Sept 22nd  9-1 and Sunday Sept 23rd  9-4. Cost is $15 including light snacks and lunch on Sunday.

The crossbow class is Sunday Sept 23rdh  4-7PM. Cost for  taking crossbow is $10.

Participation in these classes is limited so call Nancy Weeks 557-3302 to reserve a spot which will be held until 15 minutes prior to the first class in each category.


Jan-March every Monday and Wednesday indoor archery shoots 6-8 Adults $8 , (age 15 & under $5)

January-March every Tuesday night indoor youth archery 5:30-6:30 &  6:30-7:30   $10.

January-March every Saturday 8-2 indoor archery pay by the hour

Feb 3rd/4th fishing derby…(weigh-in Feb 4th 2-5PM @clubhouse)

April 7th  public beans & casserole supper @ club 4:30-6:00PM

Sept 18th  to22nd firearm safety class (contact Nancy Weeks 557-3302)

Sept 2oth-23rd  archery safety class (contact Nancy Weeks 557-3302)

Sept 23rd crossbow safety class (contact Nancy Weeks 557-3302)

Oct 27th  4-9AM hunter’s breakfast (1 breakfast)

As always, your participation and support is appreciated.

MEETINGS:  Held the 1st & 3rd Thursday of the month at 7:30.  A pot luck supper is served at 6:30 prior to the first meeting of the month. The schedule is posted on Facebook and is emailed to those who provide an email address.

DUES: The calendar year dues are due April 1st .  The combination to the range will be changed April 1st. Your paid membership card will have the new combination on it.

CLUBHOUSE ROOF: the roof over the kitchen has to be shoveled off after every storm. Scott Farnham has asked for help with this task. You can tackle it on your own or call 933-2472.

Nancy Weeks, secretary



Shooting Range Information

For paid-up members, the pedestrian access gate on the right side of the range gate is secured with the same combination as the club gate.    The original (temporary) shooting platforms have been placed in front of the new concrete pad, so we don’t quite have a full 100 yards just yet.  Please be patient.   What’s there now is a major improvement over what we had.   There are four tall target stands at 50 and “100” yards and a shorter “experimental” pistol target stand at 25 yards with a “tire stack” for use as target backing.   You can staple your targets directly to the tires.    Feel free, within the limits of safe shooting, to utilize any of them for either purpose, but when dragging them around, please be mindful of the newly seeded grass (hopefully) growing.   The black rubber backings are there to allow you to center your targets away from the wood supports.    Please DO NOT tack targets directly to (or near) the wood.  This will help us keep them up there longer, with less frequent maintenance/replacement.  Also, please avoid needlessly hitting two target stands (e.g. one at 25 yards and one directly behind it at 100 yards.)     Please do not use the target stands for shotguns.  If you wish to practice with a shotgun, please bring your own stand or fire directly into the berm (or better yet, use the skeet range up on the hill.)

Also, the range is now carry-in, carry-out.  Please pick up your brass and remove any trash (e. g. used targets, empty ammo boxes, food, etc.) when you leave.  Take a quick look around and grab any other loose trash you see.  It all helps to keep the range looking good and after all, it’s your club.