Shooting Range News

The range is now open (scroll down to see pictures).  For paid-up members, the pedestrian access gate on the right side of the range gate is secured with the same combination as the club gate.    The original (temporary) shooting platforms have been placed in front of the new concrete pad, so we don’t quite have a full 100 yards just yet.  Please be patient.   What’s there now is a major improvement over what we had.   There are four tall target stands at 50 and “100” yards and a shorter “experimental” pistol target stand at 25 yards with a “tire stack” for use as target backing.   You can staple your targets directly to the tires.    Feel free, within the limits of safe shooting, to utilize any of them for either purpose, but when dragging them around, please be mindful of the newly seeded grass (hopefully) growing.   The black rubber backings are there to allow you to center your targets away from the wood supports.    Please DO NOT tack targets directly to (or near) the wood.  This will help us keep them up there longer, with less frequent maintenance/replacement.  Also, please avoid needlessly hitting two target stands (e.g. one at 25 yards and one directly behind it at 100 yards.)     Please do not use the target stands for shotguns.  If you wish to practice with a shotgun, please bring your own stand or fire directly into the berm (or better yet, use the skeet range up on the hill.)

Also, the range is now carry-in, carry-out.  Please pick up your brass and remove any trash (e. g. used targets, empty ammo boxes, food, etc.) when you leave.  Take a quick look around and grab any other loose trash you see.  It all helps to keep the range looking good and after all, it’s your club.

Range Committee:

Gary Boothby             212-9357
George Decker           557-5336
Vicki Dill                     724-7221
Scott Farnum             933-2472
Paul Okerholm          441-5907
Nyle Perkins              724-2018
Rich Platt          908-255-8739
Scott Treworgy          582-5315
Dave Wheelock         582-4808
Bob Wutzdorff          837-3466



Staff photo by Joe Phelan

The above photo shows the improved shooting range design.

The below photos show how it actually turned out.

dscn0339 dscn0338